what are the belts

we are going to give you different color belts.
when your the belt that is near black belt your going to
have a tip test.
so it takes more time. the belt colors are white, yellow stripe, yellow, green stripe, green, blue stripe, blue, red stripe, bodan, black. (in order).

how to get your belts

you will get your belts for participating listing and coming to belt promotions.
and we want to see the hardest work out of you. you always start as a white belt.  

Yellow stripe belt Slap jack
yellow belt Slap jack and Harley
green stripe belt spinning arm and harley
green belt yoink and spinning arm
blue stripe belt yoink and punisher
blue belt punisher spinning arm
red stripe belt crazy man
red belt neck buster
black stripe belt neck buster and yoink
bodan 1 tip, neck buster. 2 tip, blurry and yoink. 3 tip, blurry and crazy man. 4 tip, neck buster and bronco and blurry.
BLACK BELT Slap jack, Spinning arm, harley, yoink, crazy man, neck buster, punisher, blurry and bronco.